What Happens Next?

So you've chosen your design and placed your order. What happens next?

You will receive confirmation of your order in writing within 5 working days along with:

Copy your digital photographs onto the CD and check they are all there, in the correct order. Photos will be put into your album in numerical or alphabetical order by filename - rename the image files if you need to before copying them.

What Happens Next?

Return the CD to us in the pre-paid envelope - we will resize the photographs and build your album.

If using our scanning service it is your responsibility to pay for postage. Send your prints to us and include an SAE with postage paid if you would like them to be returned. Please note that Estona are in no way responsible for loss or damage to photographs during transit.

Your greeting card will come in handy if giving the album as a gift. Wait until your photographs are online, then give the card as your gift. The recipient will be delighted when they find their own online album waiting for them!

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