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So you've paid for your album, your photos are online - how do you find them?

Each of our photo albums is given a unique web address (otherwise known as Uniform Resource Locater or URL). This will have the format of our domain name, followed by your order number plus two letters - usually the initials of the people associated with your album.

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The initials are included as a security measure - you cannot access an album unless you know the order number and the letters. This prevents strangers from accessing your album by simply guessing an order number.

Would you like to have your own domain name - e.g. You can buy domains from many sites on the internet and then arrange to have the domain redirected to your album. We will need to make some changes at our end to accept the domain as well. If you have a domain you would like to use please buy the "Domain redirection" service when you place your order - we will then e-mail you to tell you what to do next.

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